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FBG’s global talent management agency which is prized on working with music artists, social media influencers, models, beauty gurus, athletes and other talented individuals to raise their game with campaigns, paid ads, endorsements, event presence and so much more

Social Media Strategy

we offer a custom social media strategy to all of our talent clients which entails a short and long term strategy to help build key factors such as following, engagement and communicating their message.


we work closely with our clients and have an amazing relationship which allows us to be offered the opportunties of doing individual campaigns for our talent wether this be on a global print and digital scale or country-based digital. example campaigns include fashion collections and brand ambassadors.


our partnerships are generally long-term with clients and cover a range of our other services including campaigns, edits, commercials, paid placements, events placements, dinners, brand trips and overall alignment with a brand. we work directly with our talent to make sure their goals are also met and explore other non-traditional avenues.

Long-Term Strategy

long-term strategy is always a top priority for us and this includes sorting your personal accounting, negotiations, tax advice, crisis management and reputation positioning whilst always upholding the highest levels of trust and reputability. our long-term strategies take into account what your goals and aims are and make sure that we are positioning you in the short term to align with and reach those goals.

Celebrity and Influencer Outreach

we work with brands that offer amazing opportunities and find the perfect influencers/celebrity representation from our current talent offering or across the board.


Tv and radio is a big part here at FBG, with us representing a range of atheletes, influencers and celebrities we have close relationships with those at Heart Radio, BBC, This Morning, GMB aswell as YouTube TV channels such as ELLE, LadBible to maximise both interview time, adverts and challenge based content.

Paid/Sponsored Placements

a lot of our clients offer placements of a social media post in return for a product or service. We have over 100 restaurants, 21 travel companies and 33 concierge services that are perks of being a FBG talent client alongside this we work with a multitude of fashion, beauty, home and entertainment companies that offer paid and sponsored placements.

Event Placements

with our extensive clients across the industry event invites and promotions at events with PrettyLittleThing, The Brits, MOBO Awards, Sports Personality of the Year Awards, LuxeToKill, I Saw It First, Missguided, BAFTA’s and a whole host more. we cover your invitation along with your preparation for the night including makeup artists, stylists, transport, accommodation and food and drink.

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