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Editorial Photography


Get assistance with shoot production for your editorials.

Brand Building 101 Course

Product Development

A risk-free course from our Forbes 30Under30 founders to teach you how to launch a brand in 30 days.

Tech Pack Creation

Product Development

Get the full suite of services including flat drawings, cutter's list, and construction call outs.

Packaging Design & Source


Let us handle your sustainable packaging design and sourcing.

Shopping Cart


Run your shop through our sister marketplace or get help setting up your custom ecommerce site!

Pricing and Design Consultation


Have a pricing and design consultation for $100/hour.

Line Sheets


Heading to a trade show? Have custom line sheets developed for buyers $100/collection line sheet.

Pattern Digitization and Grading

Product Development

Grade your patterns and easily share with partners.

Pattern Making

Product Development

Get patterns drafted for your products - reverse engineered or from sketch - with a muslin proto-fit sample and one round of revisions.

Material Sourcing

Product Development

Get help finding specific materials.

On-Model Product Shots


Get front, back, and side images of your look on a model for your look book or ecommerce.

Ghost Mannequin / Flat Lay Product Photography

Product Development

Ghost mannequin is the new standard. Get ghost mannequin or flat lay images at $50/photo.

Here are just some of the specialist fashion services we offer:

-Fine distribution
-Primary transport
-Shared-user distribution
-Secondary store distribution
-Contract distribution
-Inter-branch transfer services
-Return to vendor services
-New store openings/refurbishment
-Spot hire services
-Fleet management services
-Pan-European network
-Home delivery links
-Secure courier delivery services for high value products


We regularly place advertisements of various brands in various lifestyle magazines and trade magazines. Product introductions or product renewal are announced by us to the Dutch, Belgian and world press through extensive press releases.

The result of this work is that more than a hundred messages appear in consumer and trade journals every year. We are constantly trying to intensify this policy, which increases the brand awareness of our brands among the general public.

With a network of 46 sites and 25 million sq ft of warehousing space, we have the stock management and storage solutions your business needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

This scale and flexibility also allows us to work alongside your existing stock management systems and fulfil your long-term and short-term contract requirements.

Here are just some of our specialist warehousing services:

-Hanging and boxed storage
-Pallet storage
-High-value security cages
-Customs warehousing
-Long and short-term contracts
-In-house or customer warehouse management systems
-Off-site stock rooms
-Hot start/disaster recovery services
-Seasonal relief warehousing
-Picking to customer requirement

Contract Packaging

Our agile Contract Packaging solution helps you to streamline one of your most costly and time-consuming processes, to keep your business one step ahead of the retail curve.

The pace of multichannel retail is phenomenal. To succeed, brands need the right knowledge, expertise and partner. Our Contract Packaging service delivers a combination of all three to take your productivity to the next level.

Cut costs, save time and enhance productivity

A highly skilled workforce. Advanced machinery. Endless experience. And a fluid infrastructure all permit seamless contract packaging, tailored to your specific requirements.

Contract Packaging capabilities


This service is ideal for collating and wrapping single packs using clear or printed film. It also offers print registration and tear tape facilities, plus envelope fold sealing.

Machine labelling

An innovative twin-headed system can process and implement up to two labels per pass.

Flow Wrapping

We provide high-speed wrapping, in plain or printed film, suitable for multiple sizes or multipacks. We can also insert Information flyers during processing.

Hand labelling

Our highly skilled workforce can handle all of your labelling requirements, including non-standard packs. Hand labelling is suitable for a range of products, from confectionary and wine bottles, to tobacco and garden products.

Semi-automatic shrink wrapping

Using a medium capacity heat tunnel, our semi-automatic shrink wrapping process can handle a broad range of multipack sizes, and is suitable for confectionary, cigarettes, tobacco and general merchandise.

Sleeve wrapping

Variable strengths of poly-wrap and an in-house heavy gauge wrapper mean we can complete the most complex of sleeve-wrapping jobs. This process is ideally suited to multipacks of boxes, jars and cans.

HMRC Approved Bonded Facility

Our bonded warehouse facility enables us to rework products in a duty-suspended state – a valuable service for large retailers and tobacco companies.

Additional Services


Deletion or removal of original branding
For multiple labels or black-outs per item

Re-boxing and sorting

Changing original case quantities to smaller, larger or mixed quantities
Suitable for any products

Ratio packing

Suitable for shoes and clothing products
Pre-picked store-ready formats

Material sourcing

Having numerous contacts in the packaging materials industry means we can suit almost all packaging needs

QC checking

For inbound products to ensure sustainability during rework
For categorisation into rework streams
For accuracy of carton quantity, box labelling, size markings to actuals, etc.

Machinery in use

Over-wrapping multi-change machines
Flow wrappers
Automatic and manual-sealers
Heat tunnels
Various labelling systems

Marketing services for fashion brands

Digital Marketing Solutions for Fashion & Luxury Brands in China, India, UK, USA

You are a fashion Brands, shops, distributors and you want to communicate to Chinese consumers. You can find our services used in Fashion industry in China.


Branding, Print/Packaging, Photography & Video


Social Media, Site & App Strategy, Monitoring


Events, KOLs, SEO/SEM & PR


Conception, Storytelling, Editon & Copywriting

Collaborations between fashion brands

Celebrity endorsements, Livestreaming & Newsjacking

We meet all your needs
Our Services

Supply Chain Management

In-house Quality Control

Laboratory Testing

In-Line Quality Control

Fabrics Quality Control


Repair Work



Stock Management




Daily Private Photo Galleries

Don’t have time to book a trip to LA but want to receive the latest styles before your competition does? With our daily visits to the Fashion District we provide you full access to our daily photo galleries. This saves you time and money to make your store profitable.

Wholesale Discount Savings

We have built a strong relationship with the vendors down in the LA Fashion District over the last 10 years. With that strong relationship we have the ability to bring you discounted rates to get you the best profit margin. We never mark up and pass on all the discounts to you!

Private La Walks

Let us guide you through the streets of the LA fashion district. With up to hundreds of vendors down in the mart it can be overwhelming to know where to shop. We navigate and coordinate your day to your needs to save you time and money!

Hash Tag & Private Labeling

Want to put your own company tag/label on the garment but don’t know where to start? We have the resources to help you put your personal touch on each garment.

Special Cuts

Do you have a special design or designs in mind and would like to make the product for your own? We can help you manufacture and start a private line.

Consolidate Shipping

Did you place orders from multiple vendors with us? Want to save money on shipping? We can gather all your items and ship them in one consolidated box.

Damage Returns(RA'S)

If you ordered an item through us and it came to you damaged. We can handle the return process for you.


Are you opening a new store or in need of a fresh look? Bad merchandising can result in poor sales. We know that the consumer buys with their eyes and are known to walk into a store that catches their interest. From displays to floor racks we can help your store visually to attract the customer.

Image Branding

We understand your brand, image and store is personal. We can help you create your logos/image with our in house graphic designer.

3rd Party Product Photography

Need to show your customers how the product fits or how it looks? Don’t have time taking the photos and want a quick turnaround to get the product out the door? We can help you with our LA based company that provides model photography, lifestyle photography, and product


Trade shows can be overwhelming with all the many vendors that attend. We can help you schedule time slots and show you all the new styles with ease!

Trend Forecasting

Since we are down in the fashion district daily we can see what is being manufactured before it gets to the box stores. We provide you with 3 trend reports for Spring, Summer, and Fall.


With our daily visits to the Fashion Districts internationally, you are guaranteed to receive the latest trends weeks before your competition.

Well Connected

We have a strong network of vendors and manufacturers who provide us with the best rates we pass on to you.


With our team of manufacturers we can help you turn an idea into a tangible, custom design.

Design / Innovation

We design in a customized way according to the needs, objectives and aspirations of the client.

Reduce customer overheads with technology solutions.

Boost customer collection with trendy fashion items.

Boost customer basics collection with innovation.

Differentiate your brand from your competitors

Reduce customer overheads with technology solutions.

Speed to Market

Create scarcity sense on consumers.

Optimize sell-through.

Reduce buying quantities and quickly adapt to consumer changing behaviors.

Simplify and reduce logistic costs.

Different collections in one collection to reduce fashion risk and maximize consumer satisfaction.

Continuously refresh retail look and feel. Create scarcity sense on consumers.

Generate competitive advantage.


High reliable production partners.

Total control of Quality, processes and delivery time on time and on-line. Quonda®.

Fully compliant with international standards and audited
by credited 3rd parties such Accord, BSCI, ISO and GSV.

Strong focus on sustainability, ethics, efficiency and workers’ welfare.

Quality Control

Strong net of regional partners allowing moving production based on lead times, idle capacities, costs, raw material availability and specific customer needs.

Totally adaptation to customer needs, goals and problems. Problem-solving approach.

Get the right product at the right price.

Warehousing & Distribution

Flexible fulfilment capabilities for diverse sales channels

The order delivery expectations of consumers around the globe continue to grow, giving rise to omni-channel inventory strategies. From same-day delivery to stringent retailer compliance requirements, with an increasing need for customized value-added services, today’s warehousing and distribution operations require a multi-channel approach to order fulfillment.

Our shared multi-client facilities provide a diverse range of customized order fulfillment services focused on efficiency and your customers’ ultimate delivery satisfaction.

Our multi-channel order fulfillment services include:

Retail & store fulfillment
Pick & pack
Season programs

Direct Delivery

Leverage our network to reduce costs and improve delivery times.

Our global network and consistent processes allow customers to depend less on their own infrastructure and fixed assets, better managing supply chain costs in a world of increasing customer delivery demands.

We share our customers’ goals of reducing handling and storage costs, increasing facility throughput and reducing lead-times. Bypassing fixed distribution sites through customer direct channels can unleash significant value across an enterprise.

With integrated visibility and available value-added services, you can let our network be your network, reducing costs and improving supply chain agility and responsiveness.

Direct Delivery service offerings:

Upstream Fulfillment
Cross dock
Store direct

Value added services

Warehouse services that go above and beyond to meet exacting customer needs.

To meet the increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, our global network of facilities and value-added warehousing services helps our customers reduce their global inventory footprint of finished goods.

FBG’s value-added services range from simple to complex, enabling a variety of logistics delivery models that improve customer service while mitigating inventory and transportation costs.

Our value-added services let you meet the diverse needs of customers while improving delivery times. Whether it’s a one-time promotional item project or ongoing light assembly and localization requirements, we are ready to customize your inventory to meet your diverse market needs.

Value-added services include:

Kitting & final assembly
Product inspection & compliance
Light manufacturing
Product localization
Product rework & recycling

Influencer Marketing Services

Paid influencer management, brand matching, creative campaigns, organic engagement

Gain Earned Media & Enagagement

From toy YouTubers to TikTokers, foodie Instagrammers to celebrity parents, we work with paid and organic influencers, generating inventive campaigns with successful, measurable results. Whether that’s taking unboxing videos to another level, unveiling the season’s must-have item or hosting an influencer-only experiential event. From creative concept through to final evaluation, we manage all aspects of a campaign, ensuring the right influencer produces viral content for your brand.



go-to-market plans

retail marketing

d2c marketing

campaign concepting & execution

image consulting.


communications strategy

editorial outreach + placements

press kits

media relations

market research and analysis


social + digital content creation

paid media assets

branded content production

Social + Digital Media

social strategy

paid media

organic social



web / e-commerce strategy



celebrity + VIP


brand ambassadors




virtual + online

press days


red carpet

gifting/seeding/ unboxing

We generate billions of impressions a year through our social media, in-store and digital marketing initiatives.


Defining which markets represent the best opportunity for a specific brand or concept, and in turn what is the potential size of the opportunity. Considering factors such as cultural nuances, socio- economic levels, urbanisation, availability of suitable property, competitor intrusion, transport infrastructure and the regulatory regime. Supporting franchise investors in identifying which retail or leisure concepts offer the best opportunity in their market.

Contract Negotiations

Defining which markets represent the best opportunity for a specific brand or concept, and in turn what is the potential size of the opportunity. Considering factors such as cultural nuances, socio- economic levels, urbanisation, availability of suitable property, competitor intrusion, transport infrastructure and the regulatory regime. Supporting franchise investors in identifying which retail or leisure concepts offer the best opportunity in their market.

Partner/Investor Search

Identifying and short listing within a given market the most suitable local partners or investors for a specific brand or opportunity. Making contact with those individuals or organisations to ascertain their level of interest in an opportunity.

Market Entry

Determining how best to enter a market, whether through acquisition, joint ventures, franchise or distribution systems. Drafting appropriate investment memoranda to alert the local investor community of an opportunity.

Specialist Fashion

Trust your fashion logistics to the team that stores, handles and transports clothing for the UK’s leading High Street brands. We’ve worked with leading high street fashion brands, online retailers and mail order businesses since 1990. We understand the market. Fashion consumers. And the pressures retailers face. Our experiences online and on the high street have helped us to develop unrivalled expertise in handling, storing and transporting fashion. Today, we have a dedicated fleet, a highly-trained warehousing team and purpose-built facilities. We’re able to work and deliver within tight deadlines. And our established return to vendor, inter-branch transfer and flexible spot hire services allow us to expand your current offering, without the need for extra investment.

Here are just some of the specialist fashion services we offer:

  • Fine distribution
  • Primary transport
  • Shared-user distribution
  • Secondary store distribution
  • Contract distribution
  • Inter-branch transfer services
  • Return to vendor services
  • New store openings/refurbishment
  • Spot hire services
  • Fleet management services
  • Pan-European network
  • Home delivery links

A Professional Fashion Design Studio

We work with both established brands and start-ups offering a full fashion design service covering




Whether you need some concept CADS developing, some fresh input into your existing range, or full factory ready designs to take to a manufacturer, we can help.

We pride ourself on offering a unique service, working with clients who wish to launch a fashion apparel range, but have no prior knowledge of the industry and don’t know where to start.

Each service is tailor-made to a clients’ particular needs and delivered in a professional, timely manner.

All services are affordable and can be booked or utilised at a time that suits you.

-Menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and accessory design
-Fashion cads, tech packs, size specs and full factory tech packs
-Print and apparel graphics
-Label and branding design
-Line sheets and range plans
-Mood and trend boards

No minimum orders on the number of designs

We can support your success in the UK market.

For international companies looking to build their brand in the UK, we can help you by making introductions to importers, freight forwarders, legal and accounting professionals, marketing experts, and any other consultants you may need.

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